Iboga in 2020: Why Now Is The Time To Embrace Oneirogenics

Heroin rehabilitation, weening yourself off cocaine, opioid addiction, these are heavy issues that most societies have had a lot of experience with. The problem – said experience has not resulted in great treatment. For numerous reasons, most treatment for drug addiction rests on the use of pharmeceutical drugs and treating patients in a very hierarchical fashion. Levels of addiction are defined, and the correspinding cocktail of drugs is subsequently assigned. 

The results have not been great, and as “Iboga in 2020: Why Now Is The Time To Embrace Oneirogenics” rightly points out – oneirogenics is poised for a big breakthrough moving forward. An oneirogneic state is achieved via high-doses of psychedelic substances such as ibogaine. Ibogaine treatment in Mexico for folks with a range of additions has been lauded as a revolutionary step forward, and ibogaine has proved successful in taking patients back through their formative years and painful moments that have resulted in a current addiction. By confronting the difficult, ibogaine hits at the root of the addiction or psychiatric state, thus giving treatment practitioners much more to work with than simply states of mind with little context. 

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How Ibogaine Can Help with the Opioid Crisis

Juliana was like many other addicts. Heroin rehabilitation was part of a never-ending cycle of breaking her addiction, only to see it return weeks or months later. She had heard of ibogaine treatment in Mexico and throughout Latin America and Europe but naturally had her doubts. It wasn’t until her mother and a close friend’s support led her to a clinic where she received ibogaine treatment for the first time. 

Adaam James Levin-Areddy takes us through Juliana’s journey in “How Ibogaine Can Help with the Opioid Crisis,” eventually leading us to the future of ibogaine treatment strategies for everything from heroin to fentanyl detox. While there have not been any double-blind, randomized clinical trials with ibogaine yet, a vast majority of those that have been surveyed, post-treatment, have experienced relapses at a lower frequency. However, convincing pharmaceutical companies to jump on board without a clinical trial will certainly be a challenge. But if Juliana’s story is any indication of the efficacy of this naturally occurring substance, people should and will continue to pay attention.

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Can a Shrub in Gabon Cure Addiction?

Treating drug addiction for many practitioners is a long, slow haul. Part of the problem is all addicts are not the same. At the core of every addiction is a pathology, and said pathology naturally differs among individuals. Dr. Deborah Mash is a professor of neurology and pharmacology. She has been working with ibogaine at the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami since 1992. That is nearly 30 years, an impressive amount of time to be working on alternative drug rehabilitation. In “Can a Shrub in Gabon Cure Addiction?,” while the title is provocative, Dr. Mash takes us through the facts, myths, and barriers ibogaine needs to overcome in the US to be legally administered with everything from fentanyl detox to other common opioids.

In Dr. Mash’s experience, she has witnessed up to 90% effectiveness in ibogaine treatment, especially as it relates to blocking the signs and symptoms of withdrawal. Yet, pharmaceutical companies are risk-averse when it comes to clinical trials, and without a clinical trial, FDA approval is impossible. Dr. Mash had success with St. Kitts and Nevis’s government in the West Indies, and we already know of the exceptional track record of ibogaine treatment in Mexico. Heroin rehabilitation is not an easy step, but it is much more challenging when you limit the options. Dr. Mash continues her fight to place ibogaine front and center.

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Hallucinogenic root takes davos stage as addiction fighter

Every year some of the world’s most influential actors put their day-to-day business to the side and join colleagues in Davos, a mountain resort in the eastern Alps region of Switzerland. A picturesque setting, with plenty of enjoyable touristic activities, these folks however do not arrive to play. Rather, they’ve come together to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF), a meeting with a lofty mission – to improve the state of the world by engaging academic, political, and business leader to shape regional, global, and industry agendas. 

The 2020 get-together was pre-pandemic, so Zoom was not the preferred communication medium. This was fortunate for Atai Life Sciences AG, a company experimenting with alternative drug rehabilitation. Backed by billionaire investor Peter Thiel, the company had quite possibly their most valued, captive audience to date, and one that most presumed could care less about the subject matter. Yet, the reception was incredible. Ibogaine and other psychedelics have proven their effectiveness, and getting that message out is now the current challenge. Eyk Henning explains in “A Hallucinogenic Root Is Pitched to Davos Set as Treatment for Opioid Addiction” how opioid and heroin rehabilitation, among others, are being completely re-thought with ibogaine. 

Ibogaine treatment in Mexico has been advancing rapidly, especially in the area of fentanyl detox. Having world leaders with the clout and cache behind this movement could very well be a record breakthrough. 

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Veteran Navy SEAL Advocates for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Serving one’s country is a noble undertaking. Ex-Navy SEAL Marcus Capone took great pride in his time deployed abroad, but neither he nor his family could have prepared for the battle that awaited upon his return, a battle far more grueling and one that nearly ended his life.

In this moving interview with Psychedelic Times, Marcus and his wife Amber detail the sub-concussive and concussive impact on Marcus’ brain due to decades of contact sports and SEAL operations. Marcus’ story is harrowing while simultaneously uplighting. His family has traversed a difficult path, but Amber’s unwavering support and determination to find a treatment for Marcus were present throughout.

Thanks to psychedelic-assisted therapy, specifically involving Ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT, Marcus has finally been able to put years of brain clinic treatments to rest. The couple is passionate about sharing their experience and formed a non-profit – Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS). There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, but that tunnel can be long and arduous if combined with inadequate treatment.

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Learn more iboga

Heroin and opioid addiction is absolutely debilitating. There are few substances harder to rehabilitate from, yet prescription opiates (OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, etc.) are everpresent and making eventual heroin rehabilitation an impossible proposition. “Drug Addicts Aren’t the Only Ones Recovering: Iboga Also Found to Cure Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD” is an article that sheds light on ibogaine, with a particular emphasis on the differences of this alternative drug rehabilitation and some of the more common, well-known treatments with so-so track-records. 

The article details that with ibogaine treatment, be it ibogaine treatment in Mexico or anywhere for that matter, the user’s life is presented on a series of 3-dimensional screens. Said user is transported to a familiar place, but one that is confrontational by nature. If someone is engaged in fentanyl detox, for example, simply applying a band-aid for the pain via conventional, pharmaceutical medication will never address the root problem. This might be the less aggressive stance to take, but ibogaine is geared at long-term recovery, not band-aid-esque interventions.  

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What Is the Success Rate for Ibogaine?

Ibogaine has proven effective in addressing addiction over several substances. Yet, like any drug, ibogaine alone without the corresponding medical attention and structured rehabilitation program is unlikely to result in long-term abstinence. “What Is the Success Rate for Ibogaine” details a host of positive research as to the effectiveness of ibogaine in the larger drug rehabilitation arena. Compared to Suboxone, a popular pharmaceutical treatment for opioid addiction, one study revealed that those who took ibogaine resulted in a 20 to 50% rate of abstinence compared to 8.6% with Suboxone (at a one-year follow-up point).

The use of ibogaine for not only opioid addiction but methamphetamine as well as heroin addiction has been steadily growing. Ibogaine treatment in Mexico is well established and while the drug itself can cause short-term side effects, its ability to “interrupt” the addiction process and in some cases completely re-wire the brain to return itself to a pre-addiction state is extremely promising. The key to long-term success, however, rests as previously mentioned in adherence to a rehabilitation program and consistent follow-up.  

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A Psychology Major’s Experience With Addiction and Ibogaine Treatment

Jason had battled addiction since early in life. But from 17 to 21, heroin had taken over. Like Fentanyl detox, heroin detox is difficult, often resulting in bouts of “dope sickness” that are unbearable for many. Author April Smith tells Jason’s story in “A Psychology Major’s Experience With Addiction and Ibogaine Treatment.” It wasn’t until his girlfriend (also a heroin addict at the time) traveled to Costa Rica, took ibogaine, and returned a completely different person that Jason considered alternative drug rehabilitation.

Jason’s story is not unlike countless others who have gone through conventional heroin rehabilitation only to relapse a short time after. Jason transformed into such an advocate for ibogaine that he became involved in ibogaine treatment in Mexico, helping others through the process. The community nature of ibogaine treatment was especially powerful for Jason and others, Smith reports. Community has long been known to provide struggling addicts a sense of meaning and purpose, and Jason is a steadfast proponent of ibogaine treatment under the watchful eye of professionals in group settings.   

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What is ibogaine?

Derived naturally from plant sources, mainly the Apocynaceae family known as Iboga, Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance used in treating opiate addictions such as heroin & fentanyl. Ibogaine also possesses other neurological and psychological benefits and has been used by traditional communities for centuries. 

Ibogaine is gaining in popularity as an effective alternative to traditional drug rehabilitation for the treatment of numerous addictions. Ibogaine treatment in Mexico is especially popular among US citizens. Studies from Mexico and New Zealand have reported success rates between 20% and 50% with those treated abstaining from their primary addiction for at least 12 months. 

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Opioid addicts seek alternative treatment in Mexico

Mexico is fast becoming a hot alternative drug rehabilitation destination. Ibogaine treatment in Mexico has received tremendous positive reviews for having the potential to treat years of addiction with only a single dose. Fentanyl and heroin have notorious failure rates due to extreme withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine offers rapid detox with mild withdrawals.

Ibogaine treatment focuses on reducing withdrawal symptoms, thereby kickstarting the early recovery cycle. Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid derived from the Iboga root found in West Africa. Pure ibogaine powder is encapsulated and administered under medical supervision for the detox of opiates such as heroin and Fentanyl. It is also used for the treatment of numerous other addictions. 

This treatment should not be considered a miracle cure as aftercare and the will to succeed are still essential for success. It’s not recommended for people with heart problems or with severe pre-existing conditions. 

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