A Psychology Major’s Experience With Addiction and Ibogaine Treatment

Jason had battled addiction since early in life. But from 17 to 21, heroin had taken over. Like Fentanyl detox, heroin detox is difficult, often resulting in bouts of “dope sickness” that are unbearable for many. Author April Smith tells Jason’s story in “A Psychology Major’s Experience With Addiction and Ibogaine Treatment.” It wasn’t until his girlfriend (also a heroin addict at the time) traveled to Costa Rica, took ibogaine, and returned a completely different person that Jason considered alternative drug rehabilitation.

Jason’s story is not unlike countless others who have gone through conventional heroin rehabilitation only to relapse a short time after. Jason transformed into such an advocate for ibogaine that he became involved in ibogaine treatment in Mexico, helping others through the process. The community nature of ibogaine treatment was especially powerful for Jason and others, Smith reports. Community has long been known to provide struggling addicts a sense of meaning and purpose, and Jason is a steadfast proponent of ibogaine treatment under the watchful eye of professionals in group settings.   

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