What Is the Success Rate for Ibogaine?

Ibogaine has proven effective in addressing addiction over several substances. Yet, like any drug, ibogaine alone without the corresponding medical attention and structured rehabilitation program is unlikely to result in long-term abstinence. “What Is the Success Rate for Ibogaine” details a host of positive research as to the effectiveness of ibogaine in the larger drug rehabilitation arena. Compared to Suboxone, a popular pharmaceutical treatment for opioid addiction, one study revealed that those who took ibogaine resulted in a 20 to 50% rate of abstinence compared to 8.6% with Suboxone (at a one-year follow-up point).

The use of ibogaine for not only opioid addiction but methamphetamine as well as heroin addiction has been steadily growing. Ibogaine treatment in Mexico is well established and while the drug itself can cause short-term side effects, its ability to “interrupt” the addiction process and in some cases completely re-wire the brain to return itself to a pre-addiction state is extremely promising. The key to long-term success, however, rests as previously mentioned in adherence to a rehabilitation program and consistent follow-up.  

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