As with any medical clinic, ensuring Casa Santa Isabel patients’ safety, well-being, and security is priority number one. Ibogaine treatment in Mexico is an established industry, and Casa Santa Isabel is the only licensed ibogaine treatment center in Mexico with a full pharmacy and lab on-site.

Security Measures

Patients at Casa Santa Isabel reside in a 6,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style villa housed within a private, walled community. Security is paramount, and our 24-hour, 7-day-per-week CCTV monitoring ensures we have eyes and ears on all parts of the property at all times. Casa Santa Isabel maintains a constructive, working relationship with local law enforcement, and the surrounding community is a tranquil beach community. 

Patient Safety

Casa Santa Isabel staff and medical professionals are trained and certified in Advanced Life Saving (ALS), and the clinic counts on a fully stocked crash cart, a state-of-the-art defibrillator, and corresponding safety equipment for emergencies. Additionally, the Casa Santa Isabel pharmacy is well-stocked to ensure any issues that should arise can be treated accordingly with the correct and proper medication.

All patients pass through a series of safety checks accompanied by clinical personnel at every step of the process.

Intake Observations

Once a patient arrives at Casa Santa Isabel, they pass through the observational intake process. Physical vitals are taken, and clinical staff observe breathing, heart rate, skin color, and behavior. Casa Santa Isabel understands that for some patients, arriving for ibogaine treatment can be a stressful decision. As such, clinical staff are attentive to the angst and anxiety that can come with the decision, thus ensuring the patient and their family are comfortable throughout the process.

It is important to advise Casa Santa Isabel clinic staff of any medical issues, such as chest pain, faintness, shortness of breath, and palpitations, at this stage.

Pre-Ibogaine Treatment Diet 

Hydration is crucial for patients undergoing ibogaine treatment. The appropriate measure is one fluid ounce of fluids with electrolytes (coconut water, sports drinks, etc) per kilogram of body weight. Clinicians suggest this formula 24 hours before ibogaine treatment, during treatment, and 72 hours or more after ibogaine treatment.

Patients should eat healthy diets with few artificial ingredients and avoid overly fatty foods for at least two days before ibogaine treatment. Fasting and cleanses are not advised. However, to avoid nausea during ibogaine treatment, patients must have an empty stomach.