Welcome to Casa Santa Isabel, the premier ibogaine treatment clinic in Mexico. Seeking ibogaine treatment is a personal, life-altering decision. While our work is concentrated on individuals, the impact of this decision is felt by dozens upon dozens of family members and friends who await a healthy recovery for their loved ones.

Our roots are based on our Founder’s personal experiences, Derrick Cole, who faced the challenge of finding effective treatment for loved ones battling crippling addictions. We value compassionate care, and a clear, goal oriented-approach to healing. 

Our Vision

To be leading contributors to healing and recovery from addiction.

Our Mission

To help our clients return to dignified lives with renewed confidence and understanding.

Casa Santa Isabel Welcome

The Clinic

Located in picturesque Baja Malibu, Casa Santa Isabel is the only licensed ibogaine treatment center in Mexico with a full pharmacy and lab on-site. Affordable ibogaine treatment is a reality in Mexico, and our tranquil setting on Rosarito Beach provides the perfect space to address some of life’s most challenging issues.

Casa Santa Isabel is situated within a private, walled community and features over 6,000 square feet of intricately designed space within a beautiful Mediterranean-style villa. Our facilities are staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week, with all rooms and areas in the villa monitored by CCTV. Nurses are always on-site, while doctors and psychologists are available during the day and on-call during evening hours.

The clinic provides affordable ibogaine treatment and is just a 20-minute drive from San Diego. Safe, inviting, and committed to the premise that everyone can recover from addiction – Casa Santa Isabel is where new life begins.

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Our Administrative Team

Dr. Florencia Ruiz, M.D.
Head physician

Meet Dr. Florencia Ruiz M.D., our Head Physician at Casa Santa Isabel. Dr. Ruiz leads the Casa Isabel medical team

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Sofia Valle

Meet Sofía Valle, our Head Psychologist at Casa Santa Isabel. Sofía earned her Master of Science in Psychology ...

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Dr. Diego Castro, M.D.
Physician - Internist

Meet Dr. Diego Castro M.D., an integral part of our physician team at Casa Santa Isabel. Dr. Castro is now a seasoned practitioner treating patients with ibogaine

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nurse vero
Vero Sanchez
Head nurse

Vero Sanchez, the Head Nurse at Casa Santa Isabel. Vero brings a wealth of ibogaine treatment knowledge to the team - over 10 years!

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