Luxury ibogaine treatment in Mexico

A Renewed You Begins with Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico

Casa Santa Isabel has over 30 years of experience treating complex addiction and mental health issues with ibogaine treatment. Taking this treatment step is a major decision, and our administrative and medical staff have extensive experience with treatment for heroin, opioids, methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, and more. Our 6,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style villa located in tranquil Rosarito Beach, just 20 minutes from San Diego, is the ideal place to begin the journey back to sobriety and great health.

5meo dmt bufoCutting-Edge Therapy

Casa Santa Isabel offers some of the world’s most cutting-edge therapy. Our medical staff employs 5-MEO-DMT through the Bufo alvarius toad coupled with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and NAD+IV Therapy is used in conjunction with ibogaine treatment to help patients on their road to sobriety.

casa santa isabelSafety & Well-Being 

Patient safety and stringent security measures ensure ibogaine treatment patients can experience a productive stay at Casa Santa Isabel. Staff and medical professionals are trained and certified in Advanced Life Saving (ALS), and the clinic is the only certified clinic in Mexico with a pharmacy and lab on-site.

casa santa isabel revExceptional Team

Behind every great institution is a great team, and Casa Santa Isabel counts on a world-class administrative and medical team. Dr. Ruiz, Dr. Castro, Sofía Valle, and Vero Sanchez lead the clinic’s ibogaine treatment, and their dedication to helping patients return to a healthy present is second to none.   

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Co-Founder Derrick Cole

“Since discovering ibogaine treatment, I knew the potential for transforming lives was there, but envisioning a clinic devoted solely to helping people get sober and back to healthy living was not easy. I could not be prouder of the medical team and staff that have dedicated their professional careers to aiding others and to the individuals and families that have trusted Casa Santa Isabel over the years.”


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Our Advantages


Ibogaine administered on-site with 24-hour medical supervision in a secure and safe setting.


Ibogaine supply is independently lab-tested and verified in-house for quality and purity.


A 6,000-square-foot villa with sauna, jacuzzi, expansive outdoor spaces, and a gym.

US Adjacent

Our facility is located just 20 minutes from San Diego. One of the closest ibogaine treatment in Mexico


We are one of the only fully licensed and accredited clinics by local, state, and federal regulatory board clinics in Mexico.

In-House Treatment

All treatment and services are provided in-house, with no unknown third-party providers.

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Meet the Administrative Team

Dr. Florencia Ruiz M.D.
Head physician

Meet Dr. Florencia Ruiz M.D., our Head Physician at Casa Santa Isabel. Dr. Ruiz leads the Casa Isabel medical team

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Sofia Valle

Meet Sofía Valle, our Head Psychologist at Casa Santa Isabel. Sofía earned her Master of Science in Psychology ...

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Dr. Diego Castro M.D.
Physician - Internist

Meet Dr. Diego Castro M.D., an integral part of our physician team at Casa Santa Isabel. Dr. Castro is now a seasoned practitioner treating patients with ibogaine

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nurse vero
Vero Sanchez
Head nurse

Vero Sanchez, the Head Nurse at Casa Santa Isabel. Vero brings a wealth of ibogaine treatment knowledge to the team - over 10 years!

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No matter whether you come to us for addiction problems, post-traumatic-syndrome, or self enlightenment, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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