The Multibillion-Dollar Opioid Crisis Has a Plant Medicine Solution

In “The Multibillion-Dollar Opioid Crisis Has a Plant Medicine Solution,” it’s easy to forget that author Omri Wallach isn’t referring to the US, and it’s raging opioid crisis. Rather, Wallach is commenting on Canada, a country that for most around the world has a reputation for stability and order. But that Canadian calmness is no match for opioid addiction, which has positioned alternative drug rehabilitation front and center in this northern country. 

Taking a chapter out of ibogaine treatment in Mexico and the great strides this psychedelic substance has made with opioid, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin rehabilitation, Wallach details some novel moves the Canadian private sector is taking to be an eventual global example of the application of ibogaine as a verifiable treatment. The most promising news, however, is not that ibogaine is finally being considered as one of the premier alternative drug rehabilitation psychedelics. Rather, the Canadian government is also coming along to the idea that making a dent in curbing a death toll that took 4,460 Canadian lives in 2018 can be achieved with alternatives to the norm. 

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