Could ibogaine offer a revolutionary long-term solution to addiction?

The United States and many other countries worldwide have been completely ravaged by the opioid crisis. While the World Health Organization reports that roughly 3.3 million people die yearly from alcohol addiction, a staggering 31 million people suffer from substance use disorders. And the root cause of these disorders are psychological and emotional in nature. Deep-seated traumas are common with not only opioid addiction, but heroin addiction, methamphetamine, and cocaine, among others. Fentanyl is a powerful, synthetic opioid and hundreds of millions are spent each year in costly fentanyl detox. 

As this informative article, “Could ibogaine offer a revolutionary long-term solution to addiction?” from HealthEuropa, details, researchers are beginning to understand better how alternative drug rehabilitation, especially with ibogaine is different, and in many cases superior to what many have been engaged in up to now. Ibogaine was (and still is) used in religious Bwiti ceremonies by the Punu and Mitsogo people in Gabon and Cameroon. It takes the user on a journey, confronting some of their most painful and regrettable decisions, and pinpoints the root causes of said decisions. The journey is far from enjoyable, but valuable and leaving the user in many cases not seeking to self-medicate afterward.  

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