Iboga in 2020: Why Now Is The Time To Embrace Oneirogenics

Heroin rehabilitation, weening yourself off cocaine, opioid addiction, these are heavy issues that most societies have had a lot of experience with. The problem – said experience has not resulted in great treatment. For numerous reasons, most treatment for drug addiction rests on the use of pharmeceutical drugs and treating patients in a very hierarchical fashion. Levels of addiction are defined, and the correspinding cocktail of drugs is subsequently assigned. 

The results have not been great, and as “Iboga in 2020: Why Now Is The Time To Embrace Oneirogenics” rightly points out – oneirogenics is poised for a big breakthrough moving forward. An oneirogneic state is achieved via high-doses of psychedelic substances such as ibogaine. Ibogaine treatment in Mexico for folks with a range of additions has been lauded as a revolutionary step forward, and ibogaine has proved successful in taking patients back through their formative years and painful moments that have resulted in a current addiction. By confronting the difficult, ibogaine hits at the root of the addiction or psychiatric state, thus giving treatment practitioners much more to work with than simply states of mind with little context. 

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