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Heroin and opioid addiction is absolutely debilitating. There are few substances harder to rehabilitate from, yet prescription opiates (OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, etc.) are everpresent and making eventual heroin rehabilitation an impossible proposition. “Drug Addicts Aren’t the Only Ones Recovering: Iboga Also Found to Cure Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD” is an article that sheds light on ibogaine, with a particular emphasis on the differences of this alternative drug rehabilitation and some of the more common, well-known treatments with so-so track-records. 

The article details that with ibogaine treatment, be it ibogaine treatment in Mexico or anywhere for that matter, the user’s life is presented on a series of 3-dimensional screens. Said user is transported to a familiar place, but one that is confrontational by nature. If someone is engaged in fentanyl detox, for example, simply applying a band-aid for the pain via conventional, pharmaceutical medication will never address the root problem. This might be the less aggressive stance to take, but ibogaine is geared at long-term recovery, not band-aid-esque interventions.  

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