How Ibogaine Can Help with the Opioid Crisis

Juliana was like many other addicts. Heroin rehabilitation was part of a never-ending cycle of breaking her addiction, only to see it return weeks or months later. She had heard of ibogaine treatment in Mexico and throughout Latin America and Europe but naturally had her doubts. It wasn’t until her mother and a close friend’s support led her to a clinic where she received ibogaine treatment for the first time. 

Adaam James Levin-Areddy takes us through Juliana’s journey in “How Ibogaine Can Help with the Opioid Crisis,” eventually leading us to the future of ibogaine treatment strategies for everything from heroin to fentanyl detox. While there have not been any double-blind, randomized clinical trials with ibogaine yet, a vast majority of those that have been surveyed, post-treatment, have experienced relapses at a lower frequency. However, convincing pharmaceutical companies to jump on board without a clinical trial will certainly be a challenge. But if Juliana’s story is any indication of the efficacy of this naturally occurring substance, people should and will continue to pay attention.

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