Ibogaine Study: Insights from Casa Santa Isabel

  • Opioid Addiction: We have seen firsthand how ibogaine can dramatically ease opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This gives our patients a real chance at recovery without the constant struggle.
  • Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction: Many of our patients struggling with cocaine and alcohol dependence have found new hope with ibogaine. It helps by balancing brain chemistry and breaking the cycle of addiction.
  • Psychological Disorders: While still emerging, there is promising evidence that ibogaine may help treat mood disorders such as depression and PTSD. We are excited about the possibilities and continue to explore these benefits.
  • Cardiac Monitoring: Your safety is our top priority. We perform thorough cardiac screenings and continuous monitoring throughout your treatment to minimize the risk of cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Controlled Administration: Our experienced medical team administers ibogaine in a controlled setting to prevent neurotoxicity and ensure you receive the full therapeutic benefits.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We follow all regulatory guidelines and best practices, providing a safe and legal treatment environment that you can trust.