Psychedelic ibogaine addiction recovery opioid

Only 5 to 10 percent of those with an opioid addiction successfully quit via conventional methods. To put that into perspective, in a room with 100 folks, only 5 to 10 will eventually achieve sobriety. A stunning 90 to 95 will remain mired in their addiction.

There must be another route, thought Dimitri H. In a riveting Rolling Stone piece by Jonathan Reiss, we are introduced to Dimitri and his 20 plus years of heroin addiction. After experimenting with the typical treatments, Dimitri booked a trip to Greece to bid farewell to his ancestral homeland and take his own life. But a last-minute stop in the Netherlands and an experimental treatment with ibogaine literally changed everything.

Today Dimitri is helping to treat thousands of opioid addicts whom conventional treatments have failed. He is a self-proclaimed “wounded warrior,” and based on the Alcoholics Anonymous program Dimitri has created a new program that is having great success.

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