what to look for in a clinic

Finding the perfect place for rehabilitation can be daunting. Here at Casa Santa Isabel we strive to make your decision easy, but you still may have your doubts. We have compiled a list of what you should look out for in a clinic.

Things to look for in a legitimate clinic here in Mexico:

  • Photos and Videos – Does the clinic have photos and videos that are current? A lot of fly-by-night “clinics” move around a lot and have stock photos for their buildings and staff. Do the photos of their clinic change location? Videos can tell a lot about the clinic like location, cleanliness of their facility, and staff. We never use stock photos or videos. All of our content is true and recorded here at the clinic.
  • Bait and Switch – Some places will tell you that they are associated with a legitimate hospital or medical center, but then proceed to inform you that for some reason the treatment will be at a remote or satellite location. Any licensed medical center would never do this. All medical centers must have the physical address listed on their aviso de funcionamiento (a license informing the federal health authority of the activities they are performing)
  • Location – Here in Mexico, like most places in world, businesses must adhere to zoning laws. A clinic should be properly zoned and located in a place which the city deems as proper. In Mexico, this is known as “Uso de suelo”. Most of the illegal clinics operate out of residential homes, apartments, and AirBnBs. If the clinic you are looking at is located in a residential area, you can be 100% sure that they are not operating legally. By contrast, our clinic has all of its permits to operate as a Medical Center.
  • Reviews – Make sure the clinic has a presence on the web, and that they have reviews (good or bad). How old are their reviews, and do they look real?
  • Payments – Most of the clinics out there are not legal; they operate without a proper business license. How they accept payments is a sure sign of this. Do they accept credit card payments using a business name? Do they offer transfers to a business account, not a personal one? If they cannot get their business license, do you really trust that they have the ability to properly take care of your medical needs? Casa Santa Isabel is owned and managed by Theramedica SA de CV, a Mexican corporation.
  •  Communications – If you have been looking around for awhile, you have probably noticed that when you call these other clinics, the call goes to a personal cell phone. The voicemail is generally a generic automated voice, or the personal greeting is for an individual person.  Also, does the email address include the website?  Do they match up?
  • Price – Of course services and products cost less in Mexico than in the USA, but don’t be fooled by extremely low pricing. Proper medical supplies, trained personnel, calibrated and maintained medical equipment, support staff, genuine medication, and governmental licenses all add up. If the clinic you are looking at has prices that are too good to be true, they probably are; cutting corners by lowering the level of care, and possibly putting their patients at risk, brings up the old adage: “You get what you pay for”.

We strive to make treatment more affordable for everyone while providing the highest level of care — and we believe we have achieved a successful balance of the two. Even if you decide not choose us, please consider this information to ensure a safe and successful treatment.