The ibogaine experience

The Ibogaine Experience

at Casa Santa Isabel

At Casa Santa Isabel we provide you with a unique non-traditional experience. From the moment you arrive you will be immersed in luxury and treated as if you were at a resort. Our oversized jacuzzi is the perfect place to relax and unwind while you enjoy stunning ocean views. Schedule a massage or allow your stress to drift away meditating on our large tranquil lawn. Our cedar sauna is a wonderful natural remedy. All meals are prepared fresh everyday. Your safety, success and enjoyment are our main goals.

Ibogaine is a highly unique medication and your experience will be different than any other addition recovery program you have completed in the past. Typically, patients are able to complete the program within a week, however there are numerous factors that may require a few extra days. We will try to determine this before your arrival, however we can’t give a definitive answer until after your lab results and drug screen are analyzed by our physician.     

Ibogaine is proven to be effective at ending drug addiction and improving various other addictive behaviors and mental illness. Following a single night of treatment, patients experience an almost immediate relief of withdrawal symptoms and awake the following day free from physical addiction. Patients who have been treated with ibogaine report that it “resets their brain” to a point before their addiction developed. Ibogaine brings them back to a state of mental clarity by repairing damaged neurotransmitters and allowing them the opportunity to create positive new behaviors and traits  

Many patients also take advantage of the psychedelic properties of ibogaine to achieve an enhanced introspective understanding of their own life, which can be a beneficial part of overcoming the root of their addiction.

Ibogaine deals with both the physical addiction to the drug as well as the emotional addiction to it. Ibogaine allows patients to achieve an elevated psychological state where they are able to get rid of the baggage that is leading them to addiction. This is why ibogaine has an 80 to 90 percent success rate, as measured 6 months to 1 year after treatment.

Effects in the long term usually include freedom from drug cravings, reduced anxiety, depression and mania, stabilized and normal moods as well as increased energy. No long-term adverse effects have been reported.

Safety of Ibogaine

Ibogaine has an extremely high safety record when administered in a clinical setting under the supervision of a trained medical staff. The problem with many treatment centers (and the reason behind negative stories) is the fact that ibogaine is readily administered without proper medical screening or expertise. Ibogaine does carry a risk of causing bradycardia (slow heartrate) in a small number of those treated, especially when adverse health conditions preexist. At Casa Santa Isabel our medical team takes every step necessary to rule out the possibility that you will experience any adverse side effects during your ibogaine treatment. Our doctor performs a complete physical including bloodwork and an electrocardiogram. We are also a fully equipped ACLS facility, so you can be assured that if anything unusual occurs during treatment we are able to intervene immediately. Casa Santa Isabel does not believe in taking any risks. When you come to us it is our promise to exercise every available precaution to ensure your safety and wellbeing. 

In the rare instance that you are found to be medically disqualified for the safe administration of ibogaine, you will receive a full refund minus $500 dollars, which is our non-profit cost for initial intake and lab work. 

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Your stay at Casa Santa Isabel starts with a caregiver who answers any questions and helps you get settled in your room. Once you are familiarized with our facility, our house doctor will tend to your immediate medical needs and administer any necessary medications to keep you comfortable, stable and minimize withdrawal symptoms. You will receive a thorough medical exam which includes a physical, complete blood analysis and an electrocardiogram to evaluate cardiac health. You will also meet with our licensed psychologist to address any non-physical issues.

Please be advised that we will search your bags to ensure that no potentially dangerous substances were brought with you to Casa Santa Isabel. This is a voluntary treatment and your desire to overcome addiction is a major factor in the effectiveness of ibogaine.

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If any required patient intake items were postponed due to a late arrival or other issue, we will have everything covered by the second day to ensure the fastest possible start of your ibogaine treatment.

This is a good time to relax and enjoy the amenities at Casa Santa Isabel. Our oversized jacuzzi and cedar sauna are available for you to use during the day. You may schedule a yoga class or meditate in our tranquil environment. We encourage patients to unwind and contemplate what they would like to achieve from ibogaine treatment. In addition to the physical detoxification benefits of ibogaine, there are numerous psychological and spiritual realizations that occur with many patients during their treatment.  

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We typically don’t start Ibogaine treatment until after the sun sets, so you will have most of the day to relax and prepare for the experience. On this day you may schedule a massage to help you unwind and of course you are welcome to use any of our amenities. Breakfast and lunch will be served, however starting at 2pm through the following day only very light snacks including water and juices will be given. This is to help prevent any nausea that may be induced by strong trips during ibogaine treatment. 

As the sun sets, our doctor and nurse will be by your side to administer an IV with vitamins and medication that will help to better prepare you for ibogaine. Shortly before your first dose is administered, we ask that you take part in a spiritual cleansing ceremony to respect the rich traditions of the Bwiti tribe and the origins of ibogaine.  

After taking your first dose you will be closely monitored by our medical staff for any adverse or allergic reactions. If they find that you are tolerating ibogaine well, treatment will continue with subsequent doses to complete your customized dosing schedule. At all times during your treatment you will be monitored electronically by our medical staff to ensure your complete safety and wellbeing. We like to give you time alone to enjoy the experience, but if any issues arise or if you just need someone by your side, we will be there in seconds.

Psychological effects of ibogaine:

At times, ibogaine induces rapid-eye-movement, indicating the patient has entered into a dream sleep phase. Its psychoactive effects normally produce what patients describe as a waking or lucid dream-like state of consciousness. Some describe the dreams as vivid memories and others describe them as new inspirational visions. 

Almost all patients treated with Ibogaine report that these visions are ones that are filled with truth that they are able to reflect upon their lives. They often report that they are able to see their past, the way they behaved, the way they were treated and the way they interpreted these events. They report that feelings of hatred, fear, guilt and shame were totally removed by the administration of Ibogaine. In the low number of patients who do not experience dreams or visions during treatment, it is observed that all still experience physical detox and the long-lasting ability to break free from addiction.

Physical effects of ibogaine:

Ibogaine’s physical effects vary to some degree for every person. Most report sensitivity to movement, light and sound, a lack of hunger and ataxia (a decrease in muscle coordination). Many report feelings of vibrations and oscillations.

The following effects are reported occasionally: mild tremors (shaking), nausea, and vomiting, slight changes in blood pressure, slight back pain and sleeplessness.

The potential for undesired side effects can be eliminated by avoiding any contraindicated substances prior to and during therapy, proper medical screening for any pre-existing contraindicated conditions, careful monitoring of vital signs while under the effects of Ibogaine and adequate hydration prior to and during ibogaine treatment.

Any side effects experienced subside within 24 to 48 hours after the onset of treatment and can be clearly differentiated from the painful withdrawal symptoms of chemical dependence, which should be greatly reduced or eliminated following ibogaine therapy.

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Day after treatment. Most commonly afterwards the patient encounters physical tiredness. This is mainly due to the fact that their bodies are being reawakened after the numbness and stress imposed by addiction. Other cause of tiredness can be attributed to sensory overload and lack of sleep during treatment night. It is also common for the patient to experience irritability and confusion for a day or two following their treatment. Depending on the individual one may also experience slight dizziness and a lack of appetite. 

Since most of the staff at Casa Santa Isabel has personal experience with ibogaine, we understand exactly what you are going through during this time. We do our best to make you comfortable and move past the grey days with care and confidence.

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By the second day after treatment you will most likely be up and around without any assistance. Your appetite will slowly return to normal and you will want to start enjoying the Casa Santa Isabel amenities again. If patients are still feeling irritable or confused, we completely understand and will try to work on any issues that are a concern. We are here to help and do our best to ensure your success. 



With the rare exception, patients are past the “grey days” phase and report an extreme sense of calmness and clarity. This is the time our psychologist works to help establish future plans and long-term goals. If patients are feeling up to an excursion, we like to take them to the beach or a movie followed by lunch at a local restaurant. This gives patients the opportunity to relax and enjoy outside stimulation following their treatment.

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Most patients complete our program by day 7 and are ready to return home free from physical addiction and cravings. The day will start off slow as we encourage relaxation while awaiting your return trip. You will have the opportunity to meet with our psychologist to go over anything on your mind and to discuss the possibility of an aftercare referral to a professional in your local area.  

Success Factors

It is a common mistake for people who complete ibogaine treatment programs to assume that their journey to recovery is finalized after a successful treatment. Completing a recovery program is a great achievement but it is not the final stop on the road to recovery. The real work begins after the initial treatment period. This is why we provide aftercare referrals and highly recommend that our patients follow through with at least some form of aftercare, especially during the first several months after ibogaine treatment.

Many factors determine whether or not a specific individual will be effectively relieved of their addiction by ibogaine treatment. These factors can include the type of substance the patient is addicted to, the amount of time the addiction has existed, the frequency and amount of the substance, post-treatment social factors such as emotional support, the number of times the patient has previously been in any kind of treatment center, the level of suffering the patient has experienced from their addiction, the type of environment and influences they return to, and the dedication the patient has to remaining drug free after their treatment. 

Assigning a probability for success to any one patient would be difficult based upon the complexity of factors involved and the difficulty of evaluating them. However, it is our experience that the majority of patients continue to remain addiction free six months post treatment and continue well past the year mark on their road to a life free of addiction.