Payment Options

At Casa Santa Isabel we strive to give you various options to pay for your treatment

Full payment must be received before or on the day you arrive. No refunds will be issued after the ibogaine treatment has been started. In the case that a patient does not qualify for treatment due to ECG and/or blood tests, a refund will be issued minus $700USD to cover costs.

Visa Mastercard American Express

Visa, MasterCard, American Express – Timeframe instantly

This is our preferred method of payment and can be processed immediately.

PayPal – Timeframe 1-2 days

To use paypal your account must be in good standing, verified, and have a good amount of history. New accounts will not be able to send the amount for your treatment.

International Wire Transfer – Timeframe 1-3 days

International bank wire transfers are an option if your financial institution supports them. Most large banks do. Below is the information you will need to complete your transaction.

3rd party transfer – Timeframe 2-5 days

These options take 1-3 days to setup/verify and another day to transfer. They are cheaper than wire transfers and have good support. If you already have one of these accounts, transfers will be easy and fast. These companies make transferring large amounts fairly easy and secure.


Bringing cash is an option, but it must be agreed upon before you arrive.

If none of these options work for your, please call us and we will try and work an alternative payment option.