Welcome to Casa Santa Isabel, the leading ibogaine treatment center located in the serene oceanside community of Baja Malibu, part of the beautiful Rosarito Beach area in Baja California, Mexico. Our clinic has proudly occupied the same location for years, providing a tranquil and private setting ideal for recovery and relaxation.

We are the only ibogaine clinic in Mexico that can legally operate as a legitimate clinic with a full pharmacy and lab on-site. No other place offering ibogaine is more complete than us. 

Nestled within a private, walled community, Casa Santa Isabel prioritizes your privacy and safety above all. Our setting is designed to ensure a peaceful and secluded experience, allowing you to focus entirely on your healing journey.

Our expansive clinic is housed in a stunning Mediterranean-style villa, boasting over 6,000 square feet of thoughtfully designed space. Facilities include a refreshing outdoor jacuzzi, a large cedar sauna, a well-equipped exercise area, and spacious common areas for relaxation and interaction. Additionally, our clinic features a professional doctor’s office, a fully staffed nursing station, and more, all dedicated to supporting your path to recovery.

The grounds of Casa Santa Isabel are equally inviting, featuring lush grassy areas perfect for meditation or gentle activity, further enhancing your experience of renewal and tranquility during your stay with us.

Our Facility